A good infrastructure is the key to the success of any course. MVPS Law College is part of the spreading campus of MVP Samaj educational complex, which is located in the heart of Nashik city. The college contains facilities and infrastructure.


The college has promising classrooms with moot-court hall. The classroom has facility for connecting modern audio-visual equipment and all necessary toolsrequired for the presentations& CC TV cameras.

Staff and Faculty

The Institute is having well qualified,experienced matured and dedicated staff in the field Law, Computer and all related subjects Visiting faculty from District court, social work Agencies like Disha foundation and Government office is offered for the various subjects’requiring practical experience.

Computer Centre

Computer facilities include student’s lab, group computing work stations and Local Area Network. Students have access to communication software, instructional applications and data resources.

Internet facility

Institution provides free Internet service to all the students having library access. The Internet connection installed in computer lab since August 2004. This facility ensures maximum exposure to the information technology of the world.

Library & Reading Room

The college is having a library with sufficient stock of books.Recent publications and more number of copies are always added to the existing stock.Large number of reference books.Encyclopedias in various legal sciences is a special feature of the college library. One/Two books are issued at a time to a student for home reading.These books are to be returned within a period of seven days. The Library subscribes to good number of the journals & periodicals in the law field.Books and back issues of the journals are also available for home lending.Current issues of the periodicals are not provided for home lending Any material issued on I card is not for home use.It must be returned on the same day otherwise a penalty will be charged.

Medical Facilities

The managing body of the institute namely M.V.P Samaj also manage a Medical College and Hospital. Medical Treatment is provided to students at nominal charges.